Together, we're going to look at a part of your health that is rarely addressed.

Until now, I have only ever shared this information with a select group of people in my office in Ontario.

Several of them have asked for a version of the information that they could share with spouses, friends, and family members. As a result of those requests, I built the webinar that you'll see on the next page.

Hi, I'm Dr. Ginette St. Pierre.

I'm the founder and head practitioner at the Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in Windsor-Essex.

As a healthcare provider, my focus has always been on helping my community to identify their health hurdles and then build a plan to get them beyond those issues to a place where they feel great and can live their best life.

You won't find another doctor like me in the area. My methods are vastly different from what most people think of as a chiropractor. I don't subscribe to the "POP!" and "CRACK!" methods that may leave some people sore for days. My gentle care and focus on whole self health mean that I can treat a wide variety of people and challenges.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How physical and mental health are related
  • The correlation between events in your past and your current physical state
  • How sleep is impacted by things that happened long ago
  • What you can do to unravel health issues and start treating them NOW

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